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Topics Master

Being the Table Topics Master enables the development of leadership skills including planning, preparation, organization, time management, and facilitation.

As the Table Topics Master, you host Table Topics, which gives members a chance to quickly organize and express their thoughts in an impromptu setting.

Prior to the Meeting

  • Prepare a brief introduction of the rules and goals of Table Topics

    • Remind audience members of the minimum (1 minute) and maximum (2 minute) time

    • Remind participants to use the word of the day

    • Remind participants to state their name

    • If applicable, state the theme of the table topics

  • Familiarize yourself with the meeting’s Toastmaster, General Evaluator, speakers, and evaluator to provide speaking opportunities for as many members as possible.​

  • Coordinate with the Toastmaster of the Day so you know the Table Topics end time. This will help you to know how many prompts to prepare. Prepare more than you think you'll need!

  • Prepare prompts that allow speakers to respond

    • The bread and butter of Table Topics is a question. Prepare open ended Questions and avoid questions with 1-word answers.​

    • It is common, but not required to have some sort of theme for prompts.

    • There are many unique and creative ways to present Table Topics. If doing something different, make sure you prepare your introduction in a descriptive, easy to understand manner.

During the Meeting

  • Arrive to the meeting early

  • Give your prepared introduction of the rules and goals of Table Topics

  • Choose people to participate in the following priority:

    • Members with no speaking roles

    • Members with small speaking roles

    • Guests willing to participate

    • Time permitting- any other volunteers

  • To adhere to the priority listed above, call on participants deliberately. This makes sure everyone has the chance to speak, and encourages more reserved members.

  • Be aware of timing and when to end (even if you start late or have enthusiastic participation)​​

  • Have fun!

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