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Toastmaster of the Day

The Toastmaster organizes and hosts the meeting. Taking on this role improves organization, time management, and public speaking skills. You should be thoroughly familiar with the club meeting format before taking this role. Your primary resource for help is the Vice President of Education (VPE).

1-2 Weeks Prior to the Meeting

  • Obtain agenda from Vice President of Education (VPE)

  • Review the current agenda (Link shared by VPE)

  • Confirm that speakers will speak

    • If speakers cancel, contact backup speaker

    • Member Directory

    • Ask speakers for their: speech project #, project objectives, speech title, speech introduction, and speech time.

  • Contact the Tip or Joke Master to confirm that they will present an educational moment 

  • Contact the Table Topics Master to confirm that they will be present and know their role.

  • Contact the General Evaluator to confirm that they will be present and knows their role

  • Contact the General Evaluator to confirm their role.

    • Ask the General Evaluator to call or email other members of the evaluation team (Grammar Master, Word Master, Ah-Counter, Timer, and Speech Evaluators). 

    • Tell the General Evaluator who the confirmed speakers are; the General Evaluator will use this information to pair each speaker with an evaluator.


3-5 Days Before Meeting

  • Confirm each speaker’s time and share it with the General Evaluator.

    • The General Evaluator will tell the Timer the length of each speech.

  • Coordinate with the Table Topics Master to let them know how long they have

    • ~20 minutes when we have 5 speakers

    • ~30 minutes when we have 4 speakers

  • Prepare introductions for each speaker.

    • Speakers should provide you with their own introductions, but it’s common that less experienced speakers won’t because they don’t understand the value. Either way, it’s ideal that you know how you’ll introduce everyone.

    • Mention their objectives, topic title & their name.

    • Avoid revealing the content of their speech.

    • Make sure you know how to pronounce their name!

  • Prepare remarks which can be used to bridge the gaps between the speakers.

    • The remarks may never be used, but this will help you be prepared to avoid awkward breaks in the meeting.


1-2 Days Before Meeting

  • Remind the General Evaluator, Table Topics Master, Tip Master, and Speakers of their roles

  • If anyone drops their role, work with VPE to fill the role

Prior to the Meeting

  • Arrive early to attend last-minute details

  • Check with the speakers for any last-minute changes

  • If in-person: Sit near the front for quick access to the stage

  • If online: Ask the President to make you co-host 

  • Work with the VPE for any last-minute changes

During the Meeting

  • Have a fun time hosting our meeting!

  • Preside audience with honesty, energy, and decisiveness. Take the audience on an enjoyable journey and make them feel comfortable.

  • Lead the applause before and after each prepared speaker, the Table Topics Session, and the General Evaluator

  • Introduce speakers during the club meeting, including their speech topic, project title, objectives, delivery time, etc. 

  • Ensure smooth transitions between speakers, Table Topic Session, and General Evaluation sessions.

  • Provide concluding remarks before turning the adjournment over to our President.

  • Have fun!

    • Remember Toastmasters is a safe place to fail and the group learns by doing. 

    • It’s okay to make mistakes.

    • Ask questions to the Vice President Education, any member of the executive board, and the Toastmaster of the Day.


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