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Tip/Joke Master

As Tip Master, you have the opportunity to develop leadership skills including planning, organization, time management, and public speaking.

As the Tip Master, you provide an Educational Moment, which is a 1-2 minute presentation on a skill to help Toastmasters members and guests grow.

When you sign up to give an Educational Moment, you can give the presentation on a topic of your choice. Topic suggestions include:

  • How to Prepare an Introduction

  • Sandwich Method for Evaluation

  • Providing Critical Evaluations

  • Balancing Critical Feedback with Encouragement

  • Member Reflections: What Has Toastmasters Taught Me

  • Time Management on Speech Prep

  • Ways to Reduce Anxiety

  • What to do With Your Hands When Speaking

  • Ways to Find Confidence

  • Behind the Scenes of Agenda Prep: Toastmaster & General Evaluator

  • Memorization vs. Internalization

  • Topics Covered in the Toastmasters Magazine (

Prior to the Meeting

  •  Select a topic

  • Organize and prepare a 1-2 minute Educational Moment

  • Rehearse your presentation

  • Reach out to the Vice President of Education if you have any questions

During the Meeting

  • Arrive to the meeting early

  • Give your 1-2 minute education moment

  • Have Fun!


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