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Speakers must learn how to effectively deliver a message within a time frame. As the timer, it is your duty to keep time for speakers, speech evaluators, and table topics.

Prior to the Meeting

During the Meeting

  • If attending in person: ask the Sergeant At Arms for the timing cards.

  • When called on by the General Evaluator, explain the timing rules and demonstrate the signal device.

  • Throughout the meeting, listen carefully to each participant and signal them accordingly.

    • Raise your colored cards/changed your Zoom background to indicate to the speakers when they have met their minimum (green), mid (yellow) and maximum (red) speaking times.

      • Prepared speakers: times will vary by project; confirm with the General Evaluator ahead of the meeting.

      • Table Topics: 1:00 Green, 1:30 Yellow, 2:00 Red​

      • Speech Evaluations: 2:00 Green, 2:30 Yellow, 3:00 Red

      • If you raise the Red card, keep it raised until the speaker leaves the stage.

  • When called to report, announce the speakers' names and the time taken.

  • If attending in person: After the meeting, return the timing/signaling equipment to the sergeant at arms.

  • Have fun!

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